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Mom You’re Incredible!

Do you remember this television show where they would feature various stories of people doing all sorts of fascinating, heart-stopping or mind-boggling things and then the live audience would shout in unison: “That’s incredible!”? (That question really dates me, doesn’t it? Anyway…..) Although that show is long gone, I remember it now as I tell you about this event some friends of mine are organizing in Ottawa.

This annual event is called “Mom You’re Incredible!” and is hosted by the Neeje Association for Women and Family, a charitable organization that runs the Valrideau University Residence for women in Ottawa, and offers programs to encourage women and strengthen families. It is — as the publicity below states — “an afternoon celebration of motherhood”. This year’s event presents a talk entitled “Mission Possible: Putting Family First”.

myi-publicity.jpgI happen to think that moms are incredible! We live in a world now that does not really recognize the true value of motherhood. It is discounted as something very ordinary and unsatisfying, something that women simply settle for. On the contrary, motherhood should be celebrated! Where would we be without our mothers? What would happen to future generations without mothers?

Motherhood is a privilege; it is a blessed gift. It is not just a job. It is not a 9-to-5, cut-and-dried, time-in, time-out kind of work thing you can change like you would clothes. This is a life’s work that embraces you, giving you meaning and energy as much as or even more than you give it meaning and energy. It is like an art form that evolves and changes yet reflects so much more than you could ever hope for. It is not something one ought to settle for because it is a giving of yourself. And the returns are boundless and precious! Motherhood itself is incredible!

So if you live in or close to the Ottawa area and are interested, and/or know others who may be interested in taking part in this very special event, you may contact Mrs. Natasha Gajraj at 224-1179 to register. It will be an afternoon of tea, a talk and lots of other moms!

I have the privilege of giving the talk at this year’s “Mom You’re Incredible!” event. I hope to meet you there.


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