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A sense of gratitude and appreciation for other people’s work and help is so important. It is, unfortunately, not encouraged enough these days. It’s almost as if a lot of people go around with this attitude or belief that they deserve good things and only good things. And since they deserve it, they do not need to say thank you.

So when someone actually shows their appreciation for a service or help you’ve given, it almost startles you…..or at least makes you smile.

For dinner tonight, I cooked some burgers from the butcher in the oven. I fried up some eggs and set each one on a burger. This burger composition was completed with some brown gravy ladled all over it and served with oven-fried potatoes. It had been a long, busy day and truthfully, I did not feel like going through the whole exercise of getting all this food ready. But I had promised my boys this dish and I did not want to disappoint them.

Everyone was quite hungry and the first part of our meal was a bit on the quiet side. They seemed to enjoy the meal and I was gratified until……

My taste buds are taking a walk in paradise tonight!

That was child number 4 (son #3 who is officially 9 years and 359 days old) who said that with a big, goofy smile on his face and a smudge of gravy on his lips.

Ahhhhh! Talk about gratitude and appreciation! Gotta love that kid!

I was gratified before; I was supremely pleased and grateful then.


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